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We have full in-house production facilities, skilled interviewers and cinematographers to bring ideas to life, and deliver broadcast quality content.

We’ve helped a broad range of corporate organisations, NGO’s and Government agencies to connect with their audience or clients by consulting on, and creating engaging video, digital and social media campaigns.



A selection of past projects:

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Client:  Ministry of Social Development

Title:  Join The Conversation


The Office for Disability Issues wanted disabled Kiwis to contribute to the revision of the New Zealand Disability Strategy.  We consulted on the creative concept and used our connections into the community to ensure the most diverse range of people was represented.  In this short but engaging video the simple script and creative direction delivered a powerful message that we all have a part to play.  

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Title:  Open Minds

Client:  Mental Health Foundation


A multi-media workplace resource to encourage conversations about mental wellbeing.  Attitude produced video content including interviews with people about their experiences and a spoof 80’s training video as well as design work for flyers, tip sheets posters and logo.  

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Client:  MS Society

Title:  Living Full Lives


The MS Society engaged us to consult on and produce a print and video campaign to highlight how, with the right support, people with Multiple Sclerosis can live full lives. The videos needed to strike a balance between raising awareness, reducing stigma and highlighting some of the challenges so that the public are compelled to donate. 



Title: Question Time

Client:  Life Unlimited


The new series features a diverse range of disabled people answering frank questions on topics relevant to all of us. With candid honesty they reveal something about their journey, offering valuable advice on how to live the best life possible.