We have produced more than 500 great shows..

We take our audience to places they’ve never been...creating a deep connection to the message.

Below is a small selection of our work.


Children’s Series: George & Me 

Created for the NZ On Air funded platform, this series usesanimation to create a fresh fun science-based online series to give kids insights about themselves. 


Documentary Series: Attitude

The Attitude series has been funded by NZOA for 13 years and has screened globally. The documentaries showcase the possibilities for people living with disabilities.


Documentary: Wait For Me Hollywood

'Boy' star James Rolleston was on his way to Hollywood when a horrific car crash nearly killed him. In this prime time feature we exclusively documented his recovery.

Question Time.jpg

Web Series: Question Time

Question Time is a snappy digital series where we ask questions you've always wanted to ask a person with a disability, but you've been too afraid to ask in person.


Web Series: Glimpse

Glimpse is a web-series which showcase young people living with mental health conditions. By sharing their intimate stories, we take the audience on a journey of acceptance and understanding.


Web Series: Invictus

The Invictus Games shine a spotlight on the unconquerable character of servicemen and women. This web-series showcases athletes from the New Zealand Defence Force Invictus Team who participated at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto.


Web Series: Kids

What do you want to be when you grow up? We ask kids with disabilities what their dreams are for the future and how their differences play a part in their world.


Web Series: Mums

The journey of parenting a child with a disability is full of unknowns. In this series, mums are the experts as they discuss diagnosis, education, friendships and the future.


Web Series: Skills

The Skills web-series challenges the stereotypes - proving what people with disabilities can achieve.

Love is Blind.jpg

Web Series: Love is Blind

Love Is Blind explores the romantic relationships of people with disabilities. This charming web-series promotes the truth.... that love is for everyone.

Price of Milk.jpg

Documentary: Price of Milk

Farming has been the lifeblood of New Zealand but in this documentary we travel to a small rural town to explore how two fourth-generation farming families are coping with massive changes to the dairy industry.


Documentary: A Glass Too Full

A Glass Too Full distils the truth about the way New Zealand women are drinking. Ordinary women from 14 to 50, throughout the country, reveal the way alcohol has affected their lives.


Rio Paralympics Broadcast

As New Zealand Paralympics rights holders we partnered with TVNZ to deliver full coverage of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.The partnership continues for Tokyo 2020.