T21: Down Syndrome

Often the expectations of those who live with Down Syndrome are set low, when in reality most are loving life! Watch the series on AttitudeLive.com

This is a series that hopes to push the boundaries of what people may think those with Down syndrome contribute to our world.

Often the expectations for people who live with Down Syndrome are set low, when in reality many live a life to rival anyone else's. This series debunks some of those perceived limitations, showcasing the skills and talents of five people with Down Syndrome, showing the true potential they have either reached or are reaching for.

Mohit stands in the bowling alley, posing with a bowling ball.

Mohit is a keen and talented bowler.

Laura sits in her kitchen holding up a piece of soap she has made.

Laura makes and sells beautiful soaps.

Thomas sits on a boat in the harbour holding up a fish and his rod

Thomas loves fishing.

Josh stands in the gym lifting his weights

Josh can lift 150kgs.

Emma stands in a cafe holding her serving tray and waving

Emma is a waitress at a popular cafe. 

Funded through the generous contributions of Foundation North and the Lotteries Commission


Made with the support of the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association and Upside Downs

And in conjunction with the Attitude Trust.